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Nicoll Mosley

Passionate about the art of baking since the age of 14, I have honed my skills over the years to become a professional cake artist. In 2015, I started my business, crafting exquisite cakes, specializing in custom luxury wedding cakes. I take great pride in baking from scratch, using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure each creation is a true culinary masterpiece.

With each cake, I bring together my expertise in baking and my love for design to transform cakes into edible works of art. It brings me immense joy to use my creative skills to bring clients' visions to life, adding a magical touch to their special occasions. Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to exceptional taste, I strive to make each cake a memorable centerpiece that leaves a lasting impression.

Let me create a delectable masterpiece that not only looks stunning but also indulges your taste buds in a delightful experience.

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